This course if for those who want to get their full international certification to scuba dive!  This is the first required course you take in the underwater world of diving.  The Basic Scuba Diver Certification Course consists of home study, class room, pool session and open water dives.  Typically, you can finish your Basic Scuba Diver Course in one weekend!  Other class schedules are available, as are private and semi private lessons.  This is a full certification course that will enable you to dive worldwide, anywhere you wish to go! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Basic Scuba Course Tuition

Group Classes are $495.00 per person.

Private Lessons are $950 for the first person, $350 each additional up to 4.

In this video, Gary and Dave teach two students how to scuba dive in Lakes Winnipesaukee & Winnisquam.



Learn the benefits of using NITROX.  NITROX simply is a breathing mixture of more oxygen and less nitrogen.  The benefits to divers is vast, including a significant amount more diving time and also a decreased susceptibility of getting decompression sickness or nitrogen narcosis….  You will also fee much better after breathing higher concentrations of O2 and be less tired and have much less dehydration after dives.  NITROX RULES!  We ALL sue it ALL the time, and you should also!

COST: $265.00


Once you’ve learned the basics, or have a hankering to to expand you diving experience and knowledge, the advanced course is the one for you…  This is a multiple day course which includes 6 different dives. We will do a deep dive to a minimum of 80 feet, a night dive, a compass dive, a search and recovery dive, a river dive and another selected dive.  This is an exceptional course and the next step in diving.

CLASS COST : $950 first person and $250 each additional up to 4


The Rescue Diver Course is a multiple day course which includes countless assist and rescue scenarios in many varied situations. This may be the hardest course you take, but the most worthwhile.  Not only will you be a much more confident diver, as we spend a lot of time on self sufficiency and self rescue, but you will also be a more confident and sought after dive buddy.  This is not your typical cookie cutter diving course, this course was personally designed by Dave Ferruolo, drawing from his extensive background f over 25 years of professional diving!  This course will not only change your diving, but it may just change your life also!

$950 first person and $300 each additional up to 4

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