Basic Scuba Diving Course Information

Class & Pool Training
Our scuba diver course is safe, stress-free and enjoyable for the whole family.  There is a variety of schedules consisting of home study, classroom, pool and open water diving.  Our training sessions are split up into approximately 25% time in class and 75% time in the pool.  During your classroom sessions, our instructors employ a variety of training methods and use many educational tools to help you learn about scuba diving.  Your pool sessions are where your instructor will show and guide you through all the skills needed to safely, confidently and competently scuba dive on your own.

Evaluation Scuba Dives

You have learned all you need to know during your class and pool sessions, now it’s time to go diving!  During your Eval Dives, your instructor will observe your diving skills in an Open Water environment.  You will be asked to perform the basic skills you mastered in the pool, during 4 individual scuba dives.   Your instructor will guide you and give you helpful hints and advice to make your diving experience enjoyable.  Upon successfully completing diving course you will be an internationally  certified Scuba Diver!

IF YOU ARE GOING ON VACATION: You may choose to do your open water eval dives at your tropical distination.  Ask your instructor for your Referral Package, which can be used at any dive shop in the world!

Student Packet

A Comprehensive study program is available and highly suggested.  It consists of all the material you need to complete your Scuba course.  The Scuba DVD, audio tapes and text are an enjoyable and effective way to learn important information quickly and effectively.  A workbook will help you test your new diving knowledge and help prepare you for the exciting and enjoyable sport of Scuba Diving!  Texts books are supplied in the class, but this Home Study Package will allow you o delve much more deeply into the sport.

Online Learning

The entire academic component of your scuba course can be done online. This will streamline the process and allow you to work where you are most comfortable.  It also helps keep the cost of your education down!

What You Need

Students are required to supply their own: personal snorkeling gear, consisting of a mask and snorkel, a pair of diving fins, booties, wetsuit and a hood and gloves if needed.   Find a variety of snorkeling packages at very affordable prices at the Dive Shop Retail Center in Gilford.  Also, when coming to class, don’t forget to bring a pen, your towel, a swimsuit and a positive attitude and a desire to learn and have FUN!


We will supply Tanks, Weights, Vests and Regulators for the course only…  Students are highly encouraged to purchase and learn on their own set of scuba gear.  There are a variety of gear packages at very affordable prices the Dive Shop.  We have all the best gear at unbeatable prices!  Your instructor staff will help with your selection.


We promise to go the extra mile to assure every student has an enjoyable, extraordinary time during their scuba training. We pride ourselves on our expert, innovative approach to teaching scuba diving, and we KNOW we produce some of the best divers in the world!  When you enroll in one of our classes, you don’t just become a student you become part of our diving family!  Every class is semi private, with no more than 6 students per instructor in class and only 4 student per instructor when lake diving! No cattle classes here!  All our instructors are professionals, well trained and seasoned diving veterans, with a lifetime of experience, whose sole purpose is to create exceptional scuba divers!

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